The new Raspberry Pi 4 offers a lot of really cool opportunities in a small, cheap package — especially if you max out the memory offering at 8GB. Sure, you can run an IBM mainframe on a Raspberry Pi Zero, but 8GB of RAM and the new ARM CPU (that you can overclock significantly) means that for $75 you can really punch above your weight.

One of the cool things you can do with it is run Filecoin, an emerging distributed cloud storage system. …

Conversations listing fields that will get revolutionized by blockchain technology usually don’t include the legal field. This is a surprising omission, after all, smart contracts are contracts and what is more legalistic than a contract!

There are a few entities out there working on deploying law to the blockchain, and it’s a relationship that makes sense. After all, if you’re dealing with a technology that is, at its core, transactional between parties and that wants to overhaul our banking and payments system from the ground up, you’re already dealing with the law whether you recognize it or not. Including a…

The Reason Why:

A number of years ago, I went looking for a NAS system that was good and affordable. I found a good drive at a decent price, but what I didn’t know until I was already invested was that the software that ran it was highly flawed and limiting. As time has gone on, different cloud options have proliferated, most of them involving some exchange of money or data security, or both, for convenience.

That brings us to my project: creating my own “cloud”, a computer on my home network that hosts all my media files and also syncs my important…


Oliver Renwick is a software developer and linguist, a tinkerer and amateur lumberjack. See more of his work at

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